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RiverHouse Restaurant:Through the Years


      The RiverHouse Restaurant is located along the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York.  This location has been historically linked to many prosperous restaurants/hotels throughout the history of Pulaski.  In 1804, Benjamin Winch, a surveyor, was the first settler who built a log cabin tavern where men could find lodging and food by a warm fire.  In 1810, this structure was torn down to accommodate a larger hotel as travel in the area increased.  For 60 years, many different proprietors operated first the old Pulaski House and later the Palmer House.  These names changed to other hotels in other parts of Pulaski. 

     By 1890, the house was destroyed by fire to then be reopened in 1895 as the historic Randall Hotel.  This structure was a beautiful multiple story building with an expansive two story porch.  It included a hat boutique, eating area as well as a hotel.  It changed by 1937 with a new one-story porch along with the addition of a grill room and dance hall.  Again the hotel changed hands many times until 1957 when fire destroyed the building and furnishings.  Again the hotel was rebuilt, but in 1962 fire again destroyed the hotel.  In 1962, the building was purchased and remodeled to become the Log Cabin Restaurant.  Throughout those years it was a popular eating establishment for locals as well as fishermen visiting the area as Pulaski became known as the Salmon capital of the northeast.  In 2000, the restaurant was destroyed by fire yet again. 

     Now, in June 2007, the opening of the RiverHouse Restaurant by Frank Catanzarite is celebrating 200 years of hospitality along the Salmon River.  History can be enjoyed throughout the new restaurant with photos from the Randall hotel years to the present.  Come and enjoy a warm atmosphere during lunch or dinner in one of the three rooms named for past establishments - Winch's Tavern Room, The Log Cabin Room and The Randall Room.  We encourage patrons to take a walk throughout the restaurant to view the historic pictures of Pulaski past.  Our patrons may enter as strangers but leave as friends.  All are welcome to the RiverHouse to eat, drink and be merry.

RiverHouse Restaurant * 4818 Salina Street * Pulaski * N.Y. * 13142 Phone: (315) 509-4281 Fax: (315) 509-4282

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